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Hahaha I don’t actually fault you for the Daine/Rikash. I would ship them too except I have trouble with anything that doesn’t involve Daine AND Numair, and I can’t really see Numair and Rikash working out, even as platonic OT3 romance corners.

Well I ship it in a… unrequited onesided way. Like, Rikash->Daine.

And, like, his whole flock knows it. 

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Women who claim they haven’t benefited from feminism are like evangelical creationists who claim they haven’t benefited from science. 

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laleiragoblin said:
First name: Maggie / Nickname: Tangy / Age: uhhh 20? / Gender: Lady / Sexual Orientation: stubbornly heterosexual / Nationality: Amurrikahnian / Relationship status: onesided love for Richard Armitage, currently in an affair with Sam Riley, married to Numair Salmalin on the astral plane / Likes: flowers esp. daffodils, the ocean, princess dresses / Dislikes: Jon hate and Daine hate in the tags, artichokes (idk, *i* hate artichokes) / Random fact: you ship Daine/Rikash, you deviant

11/10 bonus points for my relationship status (Married to Numair and in an affair with Sam Riley, indeed)

I’ve never had artichokes but I’m sure I’d hate them. and I do ship Daine/Rikash (They had cute banter okay? sue me). 

I am the most stubborn heterosexual.

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Ball-jointed Dragons by Cuarto~

I need 20

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■ whaat;  

Anything Goes
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
Anything Goes - Single
44,032 plays


Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga | Anything Goes

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male version of charlie’s angels

but with kris jenner as charlie


chris evans

chris hemsworth


chris pratt

with special guests

chris pine

chris messina


chris rock

and we’ll call it kris’ chriss 

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■ Kris's Chrises;  omg;  

 ”I am confident, My Queen, that if you have met your match, so has he.” 

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If your modern-day Shakespeare adaptation manages to be less gay than the original, you’re doing something horrifically wrong

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Anonymous said:
First name: VERALIDAINE ~ Nickname: tangy ~ Age: 20 ~ Gender: female ~ Sexual Orientation: straight? ~ Nationality: american ~ Relationship status: errrrr ~ Likes: tamora pierce, cute things, curly hair, flowers, being nice to people ~ Dislikes: uh. seaweed ~ Random fact: sUPER RAD

I’m so tempted to give you that first one. lol

anyways let’s see. 8/10 lol

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